Oferta gadżetów reklamowych

HOCA is a company where you can realize special orders of felt gadgets for various occasions.

You can find it here.

conference felt bags

gift packaging

key rings with logo

wine bags

conference folders

plate pads

advertising backpacks

and many others.

We can guarantee that among our wide range of products, everyone will find something for themselves. Each product can be customized to suit your preferences. Change the size, colour, apply the logotype and choose the technique of its application.

In the production of our advertising felt gadgets, we use techniques such as:

laser cutting

laser engraving

computer embroidery



Ways of marking felt

Each product from our offer can be marked with your logo. We do it in many ways. The most interesting method is computer embroidery. It is the most exclusive and the most durable method of marking. Other methods we use include laser engraving, sewing in labels, attaching tags and even printing. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

Production of felt advertising gadgets

HOCA is a producer of advertising gadgets. We do everything ourselves. We order material, cut, sew, mark, deliver. We precisely cut with a laser with a large working.Thanks to this, as a manufacturer we are able to offer the lowest prices for this type of gadgets. Check us out! We will be happy to make advertising gadgets for you.