Wine or beer bags

**Felt alcohol bag** is an elegant and safe way to transport and hand over a bottle of wine or other beverage. To emphasize the **uniqueness of the bag**, it can be **personalised** by means of a **computer embroidery**, a **laser engraver**, **a sewn-on label** with a logo or dedication. A gift packed in this way for a business partner, friend or family will remain in your memory for a long time. Our **packaging** will guarantee that not only the contents of the bag will be a nice surprise but also a **beautifully decorated bag**. Bottle bags - from the idea to the implementation.

Nasze torebki na wino znakujemy na kilka sposobów:

haftu komputerowego

grawerowania laserowego

wszytej metki

przywieszki filcowej


wycinki ażurowej