Co2 laser cutting and engraving

HOCA owns a number of machines on which it provides a wide range of services. One of them is cutting and engraving with a Co2 laser. Cutting and engraving with a Co2 laser is currently the most popular way of processing materials, which will be used in advertising and industry, and many other.

Thanks to the use of a professional high quality machine with a powerful laser and a large working area, all orders are executed quickly and precisely, with 100 percent repeatability.

Our laser cuts and engraves, among other things, materials such as:

felt plexiglass paper decorative paper wood plywood balsa plywood rubber leather textiles plastics plastic engraving laminats

and many otchers.

Additionally, we provide complementary services:

Removing burnt edges after cutting Painting plywood in any colour Creating structures

Taking into account the continuous development of laser cutting and engraving technology, we are constantly expanding our machine park to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers, providing services at the highest level.

All the exemplary realizations on our website are made on our machines.